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About Me

Hey, so this is me! My name is Julian. I’m quite a positive spirit. I always like to think of things from different perspectives and I read, reflect and write a lot. I have quite a broad background, but I’m specialized in Unity/C#. Entrepreneurial? Yes I am! I have quite a no complaining, think solutions and get things done attitude. Socrates approach? This is the way. I’m always up for a challenge. If you have one, contact me and maybe we can figure some things out! I’m also always up for an interesting chat, learning about different fields, culture and approaches in life.

Portfolio Highlights

Important note: Due to NDAS I can’t show all my projects including my latest VR works.

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Whether it was running a small business in middle school selling coca cola cans or dealings in MMO games, I have always been entrepreneurial. I like to take on leadership roles, learn and grow. If I would sum it up in books, it would be the the “leaders eat last” and “extreme ownership” approach. Most of my assignments have been on a freelance base, where I constantly had to interact with different people and issues. Leading the development side of things.


Since I was a child, I have been a tech enthusiast. Working from the age of 10, just so I could build a computer and play some games. Messing around with it and reinstalling it often because I did something wrong. This has built up my ground game. I find it easy to learn new things tech related. Whether it’s Photoshop, Arduino, or other forms of tech. To this day, my tech obsession has not changed. I even have a small Youtube channel reviewing certain techs and books as a hobby.


Originally my my tech obsession was a gaming one, from games such as Red alert 2 and Warcraft III. This led me to study a bachelor in game design. I kept getting more interested in the field and especially different aspects of it which I never considered before. My master thesis was about composition techniques and how to guide players indirectly. These days I’m analyzing games more than I play them.


I love to travel and meet people! I’m often around the world, hiking on a mountain, being a bit silly in life. I love to read, write and reflect. I am always a curious creature, trying to learn everything about a field. Learning the hospitality business as a barista or in agriculture with flowers.


Flotsamfluke is a multiplayer VR experience made for a confention for kids. The kids play in groups of 3 and they can smash things around the world, grab and bounce with giant mickey mouse hands!

The kids liked the experience a lot and it won the public price.

The project started out quite chaotically with a short deadline. The programmer who was supposed to work on it did not work and mentioned it too late. I was called in with very little time and even without a VR headset to work on it. Somehow I managed to finish the project in the short 2 weeks!

  • VR(Oculus)
  • Unity
  • Convention


Aliens fall from the sky and they are trying to destroy the earth! Only you can save the earth by using a new special gun. Type the cooresponding letter or word and protect humanity!

Typo is one of my first hobby projects I was passioned about. It is an educational game where people can learn playfully how to type. The levels are set up into difficulties with specific letters. First ASDF then JKL; for example and letters kept getting added to structurally teach how to type.


  • Actionscript 3
  • Hobby project


Tidal Wave is an endless runner which works by controlling the world instead of the player. The player can control the waves by swiping if there is enough energy.

 The game was developed for stolen couch games in order to promote their upcoming game Castaway Paradise. This was my first Unity project and communcation was going poorly! I learned a lot from this experience, for more details ask me about it!


  • Unity
  • Led a team of 4
  • Procedurally generated


MobyTrader is a finacial platform where players are put up against a market. By predicting correctly, the player can win or lose real money. Different type of markets are implemented such as Forex and Bitcoin.

This was quite an intense project! The first company I worked for which was Unity based. The team consisted out of 2 senior programmers and me. Within a month of me starting there the programmers were fired and I was left to save the project, show progress for the investers.


  • Connecting to financial markets
  • Game Design Document
  • Social Media Integration
  • Gamification implementation such as
    • PVP mode
    • Texting
    • Achievements


ARBook was a little fun side project of mine to play around with Augmented Reality.

The idea I had was to make an interactive book. Each page showed a different model/animation. My end goal was to use this to make a history book, but the project was put on hold.

  • Augmented Reality
  • Unity


Visual Composition Game

For my master thesis I developed this game. I was really curious about visual composition techniques and how to guide players indirectly to improve immersion.

I developed a game where 2 of the main visual composition ques are implemented. Light and motion and I compared them to each other to see which one is more effective in a pressured situation. The game is set up in several sections and plays like an endless runner.

In the image to the left you can see motion and light. The player constantly had 2 options and via time pressure a chocie was made.

  • Unity
  • Obstacle avoidance game
  • Master Thesis



Orby is a puzzle game where the player has to reach the exit. Only by absorbing the right color, the player can pass through a laser of the same color.

This is a project in which I led a team of 6 for a project in my bachelor. None of us knew how to code and we had an assignment! At the end the game competed with other ones and shown to a public audiance. This one was voted most fun out of the 12 projects.


  • Actionscript 3
  • Hobby project
  • Puzzle Game
  • Leading a small team
  • Level editor
  • XML level structure

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion was a side project of mine just to learn more about bullet management systems. There are multiple forms implemented including seeking missiles.

  • Actionscript 3
  • Hobby project
  • Bullet Management Systems

Android Small Business Apps

For 6 months I was developing android apps for a former company called UnitApp. The idea behind the company was that small businesses could buy an app and modules. Modules such as a gallery, video, contact, booking system and special promotion.

While working for the company I developed over 30 similar type of apps with these modules for a multitude of different small businesses. From spas to car sales companies.




  • Java Native
  • OOP
  • CMS integration

VR Performance

For my bachelor I had to develop a project with a thesis. At that point VR just came out and I was really curious to it! So I figured out how to add it to the game engine Unity manually via the Android SDK. How easy it has become these days..

For the project I wanted to compare player performance in VR and Non-VR. To do this I created 3 games with a VR and Non-VR version.

  • A target practice, shoot balls to targets.
  • A hide and seek game where the player had to find monsters in a house
  • An obstacle avoidance path

After testing, it was clear that players perform better without VR since the extra dimension of dept adds more complexity over clarity. In a pressure situation, the extra dept would only limit sight.

Fun little side note: I built this site on a virtual machine on a google server based in central us.