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Perfect Earth Adventures

Perfect Earth Adventures is an educational puzzle game made for kids. Kids can learn about different parts of the world via puzzle games where they unlock animals and story pages. They learn for example about deforestation in the Amazon and they can collect all the animals there.







The Goal

The goal was to develop a puzzle game for Android and IOS, mobile and tablets which was completely editable via a content management system where complete new sections could be added or old ones removed.






First I developed a prototype by myself to see whether the core mechanics were working with some basic assets. After the prototype was a success, the next step started.

We decided to write a technical document where front end and back end sparred to see how we can developed the back end integration the most logical and efficient. Via the CMS a json would be created which would tell front end if there are changes.

Whenever there was a change, assets would be downloaded and levels would be changed.

Alongside this, translated text had to be matched with the stories in Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and English.

Slowly sections were being developed, the world map. Then the Level Selection screen, the story book, animal collection, settings, level completion and in-app purchases.

After several user tests and via the statistics we realized several features which were not working optimal. For example kids too quickly went through the story, played it more for achievement. Via a simple text animation and delay in the next button, the interaction with the story was much higher. The tutorial was also not clear enough and had to be redone several times.

The app became really polished to the point where it was featured by apple! Even with a big increase in users, the CMS and back end integration worked well and there were no bugs mentioned.







Back-End Integration via Json

  • Particle effects
  • UI Tween animations
  • Level selection
  • Stories implemented as a book where users can scroll through pages
  • Animal collection
  • In App Purchases
  • Statistics
  • Asset Conversion
  • Level Score
  • Multi language system
  • Flexible and modular game content
  • Loading Screen
  • Modular layout
  • Tutorial




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