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Perfect Earth Animals

Perfect Earth Animals is an educational game where kids can collect animals by walking outside for 1km and/or go to nature reservation spots and parks in the Netherlands.



The Goal

The goal was to develop a health and educational game for Android and IOS. By walking, players would unlock animal cards which they can upgrade with duplicates. Via a map integration, players can also collect cards. All content including on the map has to be editable where map markers can easily be added and removed via back-end without the need of an app update. The app has to be energy efficient and efficiently coded to save battery while walking with a lock screen for safety.






I first worked for Perfect Earth Adventures, so we were already used to each other. The process of this one was really fast! Even though I had to work with technologies I have never worked with before, things went smoothly.

It started off by developing a distance counter. I created an algorithm for this to measure distance in Kilometers and Miles. After some tweaking it ended up even more accurate than the default Samsung one! Once measurement was finished, I could work on the core mechanic, a daily card gift and after every 1km or 0.7m a card would be unlocked.

While this was being developed, we were creating a new technical document. Via Json all new animal cards would be downloaded and stored locally.

 After the core was completed and cards could be collected, it was time for another big feature, the map! I was not sure how it would be to work with the google API, but I managed this get the hang of it quite easily. Once the map was working, it was time for another json structure to download all spots and filter everything into zones. Then I connected the new markers on the map. There are over 100 000 points total which had to be filtered and after lots of performance tests, the map is quite efficient!

 Perfect Earth works with nature reservation groups and parks where players can also collect animal cards via the map. Because of the Json/CMS structure, the company could easily add points on the map without needing an update.

Unfortunately the app only works in a few countries and it just shows country markers on a world map if there is none in the players current location.

Regions can be downloaded, anything near the player will be automatically collected.

At the end, I came up with several methods to improve the map marker download system, but unfortunatelly the budget ran out and we didn’t have a back-end developer anymore.

I am proud of the app since the whole UI and Animations are hand made and how efficient it is!






  • Back-End Integration via Json
  • Particle effects
  • UI Tween animations
  • Google Maps integration
  • Flexible and modular content without the need of an app update
  • Distance measurement
  • Handmade UI
  • Animal collection
  • Statistics
  • Asset Conversion
  • Multi language system
  • Flexible and modular game content
  • Loading Screen
  • Filter systems






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